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1. WRIT PETITION NOS.31791-31792 OF 2016 (LB-RES) PIL C/W WRIT PETITION NO.33081 OF 2016 Bengaluru Vision Group
2. WRIT APPEAL No.1319/2018 and Connected - Dated 7th May 2018
3. ELECTION PETITION No.4/2013 Dated 25th April 2018
4. WP HC NO.13/2018 Dated 19th April 2018
5. WRIT APPEAL NO.2213/2017 C/W WRIT APPEALS NO.2214-2217/2017 (GM-RES) - Dated 26th March 2018
6. WP NOs.6458-6459/2018 (GM-KLA) - Dated 5th March 2018
7. WP.No.13617-13627/2017 & WP No.14529/2017 (S-RES) PIL C/W WP No.11342/2017 (S-KAT) Dated 9th March 2018 - Appointments KPSC (Group-A & Group-B) Probationary Officers under the Karnataka Recruitment of Gazetted Probationers (Appointment by Competitive Examination) Rules, 1997"
8. CCC Nos.1427-1433/2017 (Civil) Dated 26th Feb 2018
9. EP No.1/2016 .
10. WP No.7724/2018 and connected matters.
11. WA No.6399/2017
12. WP.No.3969/2018
1. To Download Admission ticket for Preliminary Examination to the post of District Judges -2018.
2. Principal Bench - Sitting List Notification
3. Notification regarding - Request to furnish sealed quotation/ rate list for supply of Ties foer Black, Ash Grey, Green, Maroon & Navy Blue asme shades as in Raymond Saffire Coat , 2018
5. List of Candidates Eligible and Intimation regarding date and time of Preliminary Examination for the post of District Judges 2018
6. List of Candidates Eligible for the post of Civil Judges 2018 and Make payment for Main written Examination
7. Weekly List of Division Bench dealing with Criminal Appeals
8. Dharwad Bench - Sitting List Notification
9. Kalaburagi Bench - Sitting List Notification
10. Notification regarding Appointment of Director-KJA dated 31st May,2018
11. Notification regarding Submission of sealed quotation for supply of Original HP Laser Jet (P1008) (88A) Printer Cartridge Dual Pack by Authorized Dealers of HP .
12. Selection list of the candidates for the post of Second Division Assistant vide Notification No. HCE 29/2009.
13. Notification regarding Constitution of Priority Cases Monitoring Committee dated 11th May 2018
14. Notification regarding Transfer of Senior Civil Judges dated 10th May, 2018
15. Notification regarding Transfer of Civil Judges dated 10th May, 2018
16. Notification regarding Transfer of Distrcit Judges dated 8th May, 2018
17. Notification regarding Transfer of Senior Civil Judge dated 8th May, 2018
18. Notification regarding proposed appointment as Assistant Director(KJA) dated 8th May, 2018