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                   IN THE HIGH COURT OF KARNATAKA, 
                          DHARWAD BENCH
             ON Wednesday  THE 28TH DAY OF January   2015 
                         AT 10.30 AM
                      COURT HALL NO : 4
                	    LIST NO : 1
NICNET                                        Court Hall :    4                  Page No : 1
Slno       Case NO/Year                                Adv for Pet/Appl/Comp             Adv for Resp


   1. RFA      2061/2005             (RES     ,        ) GURUDEV.I.GACHCHINAMATH           K.CHANDRANATH.ARIGA FOR R1     
      SUFFICIENCY OF SERVICE OF                         VEERESH.H.M                       RAMAPPA WALIKAR : R2-SD        
      COURT NOTICE TO IN R/O R2                                                                                          
      (COURT NOTICE REPORT KEPT                                                                                          
      AT FLAG-'A'                                                                                                        
      (PB DISPENSED WITH)                                                                                                

   2. RSA      123/2008              (        ,        ) N P VIVEKMEHTA                    S N BANAKAR FOR R1-R3          
      NON FILING OF PAPER BOOKS                                                           K SHIVAJI RAO FOR R1,R3        

   3. RSA      1003/2008             (INJ     ,        ) M.C.BANDI & ASSOCIATES            B.SHARANABASAWA                
      NON TAKING OF STEPS IN R/O                                                                                         
      DECD SOLE-RESPONDENT                                                                                               
      (PB KEPT BELOW)                                                                                                    

   4. RSA      1443/2008             (RES     ,        ) V.M.SHEELVANTH ;                  R2-DISPENSED WITH              
      NON TAKING STEPS FOR                              J.BASAVARAJ                       R1 & R3-ADDRESSEE LEFT         
      SUBSTITUTE SERVICE OF                                                                                              
      NOTICE IN R/O R1 & R3                                                                                              

   5. RSA      5140/2008             (        ,        ) MAHESH WODEYAR                    SHASTRI & RAVI HEGDE ASSTS     
      FILING OF PAPER BOOKS                                                               FOR R1 & R4                    
                                                                                          R2-HELD SUFFICIENT             
                                                                                          LAMBANI VALYA NAIK:R3-SD       

   6. RSA      5198/2008             (PAR     ,        ) MALLIKARJUNSWAMY B HIREMATH       T.KOTRESHI                     
      NON FILING OF PAPER BOOKS                         J.M.UMESHA.MURTHY                 FOR RESPONDENT                 

   7. RP       1513/2012             (        ,        ) V P KULKARNI                      SANGRAM S KULKARNI FOR R1      
      IN RSA 5431/2010 (PAR-POS)                        SADASHIV S PATIL                  R2-ACK NYR                     
      REG: FURNISHING OF FPF,CA,                        H R KAMBIYAVAR                                                   
      POSTAL ADDRESSED COVER,                                                                                            
      ACK,TO ISSUE NOTICE TO R2                                                                                          

   8. RP       1594/2013             (        ,        ) SRINAND A PACHHAPURE              R1-ADDRESSEE LEFT              
      IN RSA 2463/2006                                  & RAJENDRA R PATIL                R4(A)-NOT CLAIMED              
      FURNISHING OF FPF, CA, ACK,                                                         R4(B)-NOT CLAIMED              
      COVERS, COPIES ETC., TO                                                             R2 & R3-ACK NYR                
      ISSUE NOTICE TO R1,R2,R3                                                            R5-RAMESH-SD                   
      STEPS TO BE TAKEN IN R/O                                                                                           
      NOT CLAIMED R4(A,B)                                                                                                

   9. RFA      4192/2013             (        ,        ) K L PATIL & S B NAIK                                             
      NON FURNISHING OF FPF, CA,                        P M NAIK                                                         
      ACK, COVERS, COPIES ETC.,                                                                                          
      TO ISSUE NOTICE TO R1-R8                                                                                           

NICNET                                        Court Hall :    4                  Page No : 2
Slno       Case NO/Year                                Adv for Pet/Appl/Comp             Adv for Resp
  10. RFA      4204/2013             (PAR     ,        ) JAGADISH PATIL                    S B KODHALLI & C S NAGASHETTI  
      SUFFICIENCY OF SERVICE OF                         S L MATTI                         FOR C/R1 CP 2596/2013          
      NOTICE TO AS REFUSED R3                                                             NOTE:CAVEAT RETND WITH O/O     
                                                                                          A C PURAD FOR R1               
                                                                                          SURESH S S & MANJUNATH         
                                                                                          KARIGANNAVAR FOR R2,R4 & R5    
                                                                                          SURESH P HUDEDAGADDI           
                                                                                          FOR R6-R8                      

  11. RSA      5061/2013             (PAR     ,        ) V P KULKARNI                      V M SHEELAVANT FOR R1          
      IA-2/2014 FOR IMPLEADING THE                                                        M S HARAVI FOR R2(C,D),R4(B,C, 
      APPLICANTS ON RECORD AS                                                             D,                             
      R17C                                                                                E, F,H,I), R6, R17(B) & R18    
      IA-3/2014 FOR BRINGING LR'S                                                         B S SANGATI FOR R9-R15 & R17B  
      OF DECD R19 ON RECORD AS                                                            R2(A,B),R3(A-F),R4(A),R4(G),R5 
      R19(A-E)                                                                            ,                              
      MEMO FOR REPORTING DEATH                                                            R7, R8,,R17(A)- ARE SERVED     
      OF R19                                                                              R16-DECEASED                   
      NON TAKING STEPS IN R/O                                                             R19-DECEASED                   
      DECD R16                                                                                                           
      NON COMPLIANCE OF OFFICE                                                                                           
      OBJECTIONS AT SL.NO.7(A-L)                                                                                         
     Connected With
  RSA          6272/2012                                 V P KULKARNI                      V M SHEELAVANT FOR R1         
      IA-1/2014 FOR BRINGING LR'S                                                         M S HARAVI FOR R4(E,J,K), R8,  
      OF DECD R17 ON RECORD                                                               R16 & R18                      
      AS 17(A-E)                                                                          R4(C,F)-HELD SUFFICIENT        
      IA-2/2014 FOR IMPLEADING THE                                                        R2(A-D),R3(A-F), R4(A,B,D,G,H, 
      APPLICANTS ON RECORD AS                                                             I),                            
      R19-R22                                                                             R5-R7, R9-R13, R15(A-C) ARE SD 
      NON TAKING STEPS IN R/O                                                             R14-DECEASED                   
      DECD R14                                                                            R17-DECEASED                   
  RSA          6273/2012                                 V P KULKARNI                      V M SHEELAVANT FOR R1,R18-21  
      IA-1/2014 FOR BRINGING LR'S                                                         M S HARAVI FOR R4(C,E,J,K),    
      OF DECD R17 ON RECORD AS                                                            R8 & R16                       
      R17(A-E)                                                                            R2(A-D),R3(A-F),R4(A,B,D,G,H,  
      FURNISHING OF FPF, CA, ACK,                                                         I),                            
      COVERS, COPIES ETC., TO                                                             R5-R7, R9-R13, R15(A-C),       
      ISSUE NOTICE TO R14                                                                 R22-ARE SERVED                 
      (FOR 3RD TIME)                                                                      R4F-HELD SUFFICIENT            
                                                                                          R14-ACK NYR                    

  12. RSA      100484/2014           (        ,        ) F V PATIL : NANDISH PATIL         RAJASHEKHAR BURJI FOR C/R6     
      MEMO FOR CONVERSION AT                            P P HITTALMANI                    CP 2655/2014                   
      FLAG-'A'                                                                            NOTE:CAVEAT RETURNED WITH O/O  
      COMPLIANCE OF OFFICE                                                                                               
      OBJECTION AT SL.NO.1,2 & 4-10                                                                                      

                     HEARING - INTERLOCUTORY APPLN
  13. RSA      388/2004              (INJ     ,        ) ANANT HEGDE &                     S V SHASTRI & RAVI HEGDE       
      IA-1/2014 FOR CD OF 1198 DAYS                     VISHWANATH HEGDE                  FOR R1(I-V), R2-R16            
      IN FILING THE LR'S APPLN.                         FOR P.A.1(A)                      R2A-SARASWATI-SD               
      IA-2/2014 FOR SETTING ASIDE                       B SHARANABASAWA &                 R2B-MANUNATH-SD                
      THE ABATEMENT                                     MAHANTESH C KOTTURSHETTAR         R2D-PRAVEEN-SD                 
      IA-3/2014 FOR BRINGING LR'S                       FOR A2                            R14A-SAVITRI-SD                
      OF DECD A.NO.1 ON RECORD                                                            R14D-SURESH-SD                 
      AS A.NO.1(A)                                                                        R14E-SANTOSH-SD                
      FURNISHING OF FPF, CA, ACK,                                                         R2(C), R14(B,C)-ACK NYR        

NICNET                                        Court Hall :    4                  Page No : 3
Slno       Case NO/Year                                Adv for Pet/Appl/Comp             Adv for Resp
      COVERS, COPIES ETC., TO                                                             R17-DC, KARWAR-SD              
      ISSUE NOTICE TO R2(C) &                                                             R18-DFO, SIRSI-SD              
      (FOR 2ND TIME)                                                                                                     
     Connected With
  RSA          477/2004                                  S V SHASTRI & A N REDDY           R1-D.C. KARWAR-SD             
      (PB KEPT BELOW)                                   RAVI HEGDE,RAVINDRANATHAN         R2-DFO. SIRASI-SD              
                                                                                          JAYAKUMAR S PATIL,             
                                                                                          MAHANTESH C KOTTURSHETTAR &    
                                                                                          DEVIPRASAD SHETTY FOR R4       
                                                                                          V/O/D/02/09/2013 R3-STANDS     

  14. RSA      6019/2011             (        ,        ) RAVIRAJ C PATIL                                                  
      IA-1/2013 FOR CD OF 100 DAYS                                                                                       
      IN FILING THE RECALL APPLN.                                                                                        
      IA-2/2013 FOR RECALLING THE                                                                                        
      ORDER DTD:14/12/2012                                                                                               
      (THE APPEAL IS DNP ON 14/12/12                                                                                     
      BEFORE HON'BLE SBAJ)                                                                                               

  15. RP       1635/2012             (        ,        ) B T KULKARNI : P G KULKARNI                                      
      IN RFA 3094/2011 (DEC)                                                                                             
      IA-3/2014 FOR CD OF 263 DAYS                                                                                       
      IN FILING                                                                                                          

  16. RSA      5700/2013             (        ,        ) SUNIL S DESAI                                                    
      IA-1/2014 FOR CD OF 81 DAYS                                                                                        
      IN FILING                                                                                                          

  17. RSA      5781/2013             (        ,        ) M G NAGANURI : S V DESHPANDE                                     
      MEMO FOR REPORTING DEATH                                                                                           
      PLAINTIFF NO.1 "FLAG-"A"                                                                                           
      IA-2/2013 FOR BRINGING LR'S                                                                                        
      IA-4/2013 FOR CD IN FILING                                                                                         
      BRINGING LR'S OF DECD                                                                                              
      (747 DAYS DELAY)                                                                                                   
      IA-3/2013 FOR SETTING ASIDE                                                                                        
      THE ABATEMENT DECD                                                                                                 
      PLAINTIFF NO.1                                                                                                     
      IA-1/2013 FOR CD OF 343 DAYS                                                                                       
      IN FILING                                                                                                          
  18. RSA      6033/2013             (        ,        ) B V SOMAPUR                                                      
      IA-1/2014 FOR CD OF 313 DAYS                      NANDINI B SOMAPUR                                                
      IN FILING                                         C B SHAKUNAVALLI                                                 

  19. RSA      5072/2010             (PAR     ,        ) LAXMAN T MANTAGANI                KASHAWWA :R1-SD                
      MISC.CVL.102409/2010 FOR STAY                     BHARATESH B ALASANDI              SHANTAWWA :R2-SD               
      (BOTH LCR KEPT BELOW)                                                               KALLAWWA :R3-SD                
                                                                                          ANNAWWA :R4-SD                 
                                                                                          S V YAJI &M B MADANALLI FOR R5 
     Connected With
  RSA          5071/2010                                 LAXMAN T MANTAGANI                K ANANDKUMAR FOR R1(A-C),2,3  
      (BOTH LCR KEPT BELOW)                             BHARATESH.B.ALASANDI                                             

NICNET                                        Court Hall :    4                  Page No : 4
Slno       Case NO/Year                                Adv for Pet/Appl/Comp             Adv for Resp
  20. RSA      5726/2010             (DEC/INJ ,        ) P G MOGALI                        K RAGHAVENDRA RAO &            
                                                                                          V VIDYA                        

  21. RSA      5740/2010             (        ,        ) S G KADADAKATTI &                 RAJANANDA LATKAN FOR P. R1A-I  
      MISC.CVL.107765/2010 FOR T.I.                     LINGESH V KATTIMANI               R3-RAJIYABHI-SD                
                                                        CIRCUIT LAW FIRM G.M.BHAT         R4-ABDUL RAJAK-SD              
                                                                                          R5-ABDUL BARI-SD               
                                                                                          R2(A-F)-HELD SUFFICIENT        

  22. RSA      5776/2010             (        ,        ) RAJASHEKAR R GUNJALLI             MAHESH WODEYAR FOR R1          
                                                        I K HENTEGALAV                    S S YADRAMI FOR R2-R5          
                                                                                          VASANT G HOLEYANNAVAR FOR R6   
                                                                                          R7 & R78 ARE MINORS REP. R6    

  23. RSA      5847/2010             (SP      ,        ) V M SHEELVANT                     SACHIN S MAGADUM FOR R7-18     
      MISC CVL.108807/2010 FOR STAY                     H H BAIYAPUR                      (CP 2784/2010)                 
      (BTH LCR KEPT BELOW)                              V S KOUJALAGI                     NEMICHAND:R1-SD                
                                                        PRABHULING S N                    SHANTAWWA :R2-SD               
                                                                                          JAIPAL :R3-SD                  
                                                                                          MAHAVEER :R4-SD                
                                                                                          ASHOK :R5-SD                   
                                                                                          R7-R15 ARE LR'S OF DECD R6     
                                                                                          R16-R18 ARE LR'S OF DECD R19   
     Connected With
  RSA          5146/2011                                 C S PATIL                         SACHIN S MAGADUM FOR R2-12&24 
      STEPS TO BE TAKEN IN R/O                          MALLIKARJUNSWAMY B                K L PATIL : SRINIVAS B NAIK    
      DECD R1 & R25                                     HIREMATH                          FOR R19-R21                    
      AS TO SUFFICIENCY SERVICE                                                           R13-NEMICHANDRA-SD             
      OF NOTICE TO REFUSED BY R22                                                         R14-SHANTAVVA-SD               
      FURNISHING OF FPF, CA, ACK,                                                         R18-KASHAWWA-SD                
      COVERS, COPIES ETC., TO                                                             R23-VITHAL-SD                  
      ISSUE NOTICE TO R15-R17                                                             R1 & R25-DECEASED              
      FOR 3RD TIME                                                                        R22-REFUSED                    
                                                                                          R15 & R17-INSUFFICIENT ADDRESS 
                                                                                          R16-NOT KNOWN                  

  24. RSA      5192/2012             (        ,        ) V M SHEELVANT                     SHASTRY & HEGDE ASSOCIATES     
      IA-2/2012 FOR STAY                                VINAY S KOUJALAGI                 FOR R1-R5                      
                                                                                          R3-R5 ARE MINORES REP. BY R2   
                                                                                          R6-SMT. MUMTAZ-SD              

  25. RSA      5584/2013             (        ,        ) K L PATIL & S S BETURMATH         PRAKASH S UDIKERI              
      (BOTH LCR KEPT BELOW)                                                               FOR SOLE-RESPONDENT            

  26. RSA      100552/2014           (        ,        ) S S PATIL & SANJAY CHANAL         HARSH DESAI FOR C/R1           
      IA-1/2015 FOR STAY                                                                  CP 2740/2014                   
                                                                                          NOTE:CACEAT RETURNED WITH O/O  

  27. RSA      100883/2014           (        ,        ) RAVI V HOSAMANI                   HANUMANTH REDDY SAHUKAR        
      IA-1/2014 FOR STAY                                PRASHANT S KADADEVAR              FOR C/R1 (CP 2888/2014)        
      IA-1/2015 FOR ADDL.                                                                                                
  28. RSA      100892/2014           (        ,        ) R M KULKARNI                      SHREEVATSA SURESH HEGDE        
      IA-1/2014 FOR STAY                                HEMALEKHA K S                     FOR C/R1 (CP 2835/2014)        
                                                                                          (NOTE: CAVEAT RETURNED WITH    

NICNET                                        Court Hall :    4                  Page No : 5
Slno       Case NO/Year                                Adv for Pet/Appl/Comp             Adv for Resp
                     FURTHER/CONT.OF ARGUMENTS

  29. RFA      329/2002              (SP      ,        ) RAVI S BALIKAI                    W D KULKARNI, R1 SD.           
      (PB KEPT BELOW)                                                                     NAGESH : R2 - HELD/SUFFICIENT  
      (LCR IN OS NO.19/1992 K/B)                                                          RAMACHANDRA, R3 SD.            
                                                                                          VIMAL, R4 SD.                  
                                                                                          A P MURARI & VITTAL S TELI     
                                                                                          FOR R5                         
                                                                                          A P MURARI & L M KURAHATTI     
                                                                                          FOR R6-R8                      
  30. RSA      1117/2003             (SP      ,        ) SACHIN S MAGADUM                  G BALAKRISHNA SHASTRI          
      MEMO FOR REPORTING DEATH                          (THROUGH GPA HOLDER)              FOR C/R1-R3                    
      OF R2                                             VIGHNESHWAR S SHASTRI             R M KULKARNI : HEMALEKHA K S   
      STEPS TO BE TAKEN IN R/O                                                            FOR R1 & R3                    
      DECD R2                                                                             V R DATAR FOR R4A-E            
      (BOTH APPEAL IS PART-HEARD)                                                         R5 DHARMU SD                   
      (PB KEPT BELOW)                                                                     R6 MAHENDRA SD                 
                                                                                          R7 ULLAS SD                    
                                                                                          R8 VIKRAM SD                   
                                                                                          R9 GAJANANA SD                 
                                                                                          R10 PRADEEP SD                 
                                                                                          R11 RAJASHRI VIJAY SD          
                                                                                          R12 JAYASHREE R POWAR SD       
                                                                                          R13 M BALARAM SD               
                                                                                          R14 LAKSHMIBAI SD              
                                                                                          R15 NEELAKANTA SD              
                                                                                          R16 SHANTHARAM SD              
                                                                                          R17 RAGHUNATH SD               
                                                                                          R18 DINAKAR SD                 
                                                                                          V P KULKARNI FOR R19,R20       
     Connected With
  RSA          1118/2003                                 SACHIN S MAGADUM                  G BALAKRISHNA SHASTRI         
      STEPS TO BE TAKEN IN R/O                          VIGHNESHWAR S SHASTRI             FOR C/R1-R3                    
      DECD R2                                                                             R M KULKARNI : HEMALEKHA K S   
      (THE APPEAL IS PART-HEARD)                                                          FOR R1 & R3                    
                                                                                          V R DATAR FOR R4A-E            
                                                                                          DHARMU :R5-SD                  
                                                                                          MAHENDRA :R6-SD                
                                                                                          ULHAS :R7-SD                   
                                                                                          VIKRAM :R8-SD                  
                                                                                          RUKMINI APPAJI :R9-SD          
                                                                                          SHIVAJI :R10-SD                
                                                                                          VASANT :R11-SD                 
                                                                                          AJIT :R12-SD                   
                                                                                          SHANTRAM :R13-SD               
                                                                                          RAJARAM :R14-SD                
                                                                                          SANJAY :R15-SD                 
                                                                                          V P KULKARNI FOR R16 & R17     

  31. RSA      5259/2010             (SP      ,        ) SRINAND A PACHHAPURE              SACHIN S MAGADUM               
      (BOTH THE PARTIES TO BE                                                             FOR C/R1 (CP 2585/2010)        
      PRESENT BEFORE HON'BLE                                                              SANTOSH B MALAGOUDAR           
      COURT)                                                                              FOR R2,R3                      
      (PART-HEARD MATTER)                                                                 R4-DECEASED                    
                                                                                          TREATING THE R2 & R3 AS THE    
                                                                                          LR'S OF DECD R4                
     Connected With

NICNET                                        Court Hall :    4                  Page No : 6
Slno       Case NO/Year                                Adv for Pet/Appl/Comp             Adv for Resp
  RSA          5461/2010                                 SANTOSH B MALAGOUDAR              SACHIN S MAGADUM FOR R1       
      (BOTH THE PARTIES TO BE                                                             SRINANDA A PACHHAPURE FOR R2   
      PRESENT BEFORE HON'BLE                                                                                             
      (PART-HEARD MATTER)                                                                                                

  32. RSA      5623/2011             (INJ     ,        ) RAVI S BALIKAI                    M C BANDI : S G NAGATHAN       
      (BOTH LCR KEPT BELOW)                                                               FOR SOLE-RESPDT                

                     FINAL HEARING

  33. RP       173/2000              (        ,        ) RAVI S BALIKAI                    B S KAMATE FOR R1 & 2          
      IN RFA 81/19888                                   V S GUNJAL &                      C S PATIL FOR R3               
      IA 1/04 FOR STAY                                  V V GUNJAL &                                                     
      IA 1/05 FOR AMENDMENT                             E SHIVAPRASAD FOR P1(A-F)                                        
      IA 2/05 FOR ADDL. GROUNDS                                                                                          
      A/W OBJECTIONS                                                                                                     
      [RFA 81/88 & RFA 351/92 KEPT                                                                                       

  34. RSA      660/2002              (DEC     ,        ) RAVI S BALIKAI                    K GOPAL HEGDE FOR R1&2(A-C)    
      (PB & LCR'S KEPT BELOW)                           P S BHAT & V R BHAGAWAT           K M NATARAJ FOR R2A            
                                                        KRISHNA DIXIT & SAI PRAKASH       C V ANGADI FOR R1,R2B,R2C      
                                                                                          V P KULKARNI FOR R2B           

  35. RSA      1058/2002             (PAR     ,        ) I G GACHCHINAMATH                 VIGHNESHWAR S SHASTRY          
      FOR FURTHER ORDERS                                ASHA M KUMBARGERIMATH             FOR R1, R3-R8                  
      IA-1/2014 FOR CD OF 1564 DAYS                                                       H M DHARIGOND FOR R1(A,C,E&F)  
      IN FILING                                                                           LINGARAJ MARADI FOR R1(D)      
      IA-2/2014 FOR SETTING ASIDE                                                         R1(B)PARVATEVVA-SD             
      THE ABATEMENT                                                                       R1(H)-CHANDRASHEKAR-SD         
      IA-3/2014 FOR BRINGING LR'S                                                         R1(J)-RAJU                     
      OF DECD R1 ON RECORD AS                                                             R1(K)-GANAPATI-SD              
      R1(A-M)                                                                             R1(L)BHIMAVVA-SD               
      (PB KEPT BELOW)                                                                     R1(M)-RENAVVA-SD               
                                                                                          R1(G)&(I)-HELD SUFFICIENT      
                                                                                          R4-R8 ARE MINORS REP. BY R3    

  36. RSA      71/2003               (PAR     ,        ) RAVI G SABHAHIT                   RAVI S BALIKAI FOR R1-R5 & R7  
      (PB KEPT BELOW)                                                                     R6-SERVICE HELD SUFFICIENT     

  37. RSA      1003/2003             (PAR     ,        ) F V PATIL A1,A2,A3 & A5           MRUTANJAYA TATA BANGI FOR R2   
      (PB KEPT BELOW)                                   MANJULA KAMADOLLI FOR A6          M H SAWKAR FOR R2              
                                                        THE APPEAL ABATED AS              R1 SINCE DECED. REPTD BY R2    
                                                        AGAINST A.NO.4                    SURESH P HUDEDAGADDI &         
                                                                                          A C PURAD FOR R2               
                                                                                          M P KULKARNI FOR R2            
     Connected With

NICNET                                        Court Hall :    4                  Page No : 7
Slno       Case NO/Year                                Adv for Pet/Appl/Comp             Adv for Resp
  RSA          1002/2003                                 F V PATIL FOR A1,A2,A3 & A5       MRUTYUNJAYA TATA BANGI FOR 2  
      (PB KEPT BELOW)                                   THE APPEAL ABATED AS              M H SAWKAR                     
                                                        AGAINST A4                        SURESH P HUDEDAGADDI &         
                                                                                          A C PURAD FOR R2               
                                                                                          M P KULKARNI FOR R2            
                                                                                          R1 DECEASED IS REPTD. BY R2    

  38. RSA      1098/2003             (PAR     ,        ) M G NAGANURI FOR A1(A)            SHRIKANT T PATIL R1(A-K)       
      (PB KEPT BELOW)                                   M.B.NARAGUND                      R2,SHANKAR-SD                  
                                                        SONA.VAKKUND                      R3(A)-SMT.NALINI-SD            
                                                                                          R3(I)-APPEAL STANDS DISMISSED  
                                                                                          R10-MINOR REP. BY M/G R8       
     Connected With
  RSA          5200/2009                                 SHRIKANT T PATIL                  M G NAGANURI & S P PATIL FOR C/
      (NO ORDER PASSED ISSUANCE                         V M BIRADAR &                     CP 2502/09                     
      OF NOTICE TO R1-R3 & R5-R18                       A V BADAMIKAR                                                    
      (LCR'S RA+OS KEPT BELOW)                                                                                           

  39. RFA      1236/2003             (PAR     ,        ) SADIQ N GOODWALA                  R H ANGADI : S N BENDIGERI     
      (PB KEPT BELOW)                                   JAYAKUMAR S PATIL                 FOR R1(A-F)                    
      (LCR IN OS NO.193/1998 K/B)                       DAYANAND S PATIL                                                 
  40. RSA      9/2004                (        ,        ) RAVI S BALIKAI                    B S KAMATE FOR R1[A-E] & R2    
      (PB KEPT BELOW)                                                                                                    
  41. RSA      380/2004              (INJ     ,        ) BASAVARAJ M MEKKI                 B C SEETHARAMA RAO ASSTS       
      NON FILING OF MEMO A/W                                                              FOR R1A-E,G-J                  
      ACKNOWLEDGEMENT FOR                                                                 R1F-RAFI-HELD SUFFICIENT       
      HAVING PAID THE COST OF                                                             S S YADRAMI FOR R1B,E          
      (BOTH LCR KEPT BELOW)                                                                                              
      (PB KEPT BELOW)                                                                                                    

  42. RSA      567/2004              (        ,        ) S R HEGDE                         PRABHULING K NAVADGI &         
      (PB KEPT BELOW)                                                                     SHIVARUDRAPPA SHETKAR FOR      
                                                                                          R1-BASAPPA SD                  
                                                                                          R2 TO 6 & 8 TO 11 ARE          
                                                                                          DISPENSED WITH                 
     Connected With
  RSA          568/2004                                  S R HEGDE                         PRABHULING K NAVADGI &        
                                                                                          SHIVARUDRAPPA SHETKAR FOR C/R6 
                                                                                          R B DESHPANDE FOR R8           
                                                                                          R1-R4 ARE NOTICE DISPENSED     
                                                                                          R5-BHUPALAPPA SD               
                                                                                          R7-ANANT SD                    

NICNET                                        Court Hall :    4                  Page No : 8
Slno       Case NO/Year                                Adv for Pet/Appl/Comp             Adv for Resp
  43. RSA      590/2004              (        ,        ) M G NAGANURI : S V DESHPANDE      SANJEEV V HANCHATE FOR C/R1    
      (PB KEPT BELOW)                                   S P PATIL                         HARISH S MAIGUR FOR R2 & R3    

  44. RFA      620/2004              (PAR     ,        ) G BALAKRISHNA SHASTRY             SONDUR & SHANKARAGOUDAR        
      (PB KEPT BELOW)                                                                     & ASSOCIATES FOR R1-R13        
                                                                                          FOR R5,R11,R12                 
                                                                                          R14 SIDDANAGOUDA : SD          
                                                                                          R15 KUM REKHA : SD             
                                                                                          R16 PRABHAVATI : SD            
                                                                                          FOR R17,R19,R21,R28,R29,R31    
                                                                                          R18 IS DECD.                   
                                                                                          R20 MINOR R/BY R19             
                                                                                          GURURAJ.M.SOMAKKALAVAR FOR     
                                                                                          R27 BARAMAGOUDA : SD           
                                                                                          SANTOSH B MALAGOUDAR &         
                                                                                          CHETAN T LIMBIKAI FOR R27(A-D) 
                                                                                          (R30C IS MINOR REP. BY R30A)   

  45. RSA      993/2004              (DEC     ,        ) B.C.SEETHARAMA RAO                SURESH N KINI FOR SOLE-RESPNT. 
      (PB KEPT BELOW)                                   N R KUPPELUR                      K V NARASIMHAN & V D URS       
                                                        S S KOLIWAD &                     FOR C/R                        
  46. RSA      1200/2004             (INJ     ,        ) SACHIN S MAGADUM                  B S KAMATE FOR R1-R3           
      (PB KEPT BELOW)                                                                     R4-NIJALINGAPPA : SERVICE H/S  
                                                                                          R5-MARUTI SERVICE H/S          
                                                                                          R6-DUNDAWWA SD                 
                                                                                          R7-APPANNA SD                  
                                                                                          R8-SHANKAR SD                  

  47. RSA      1233/2004             (MON     ,        ) K RAGHAVENDRA RAO                 M H SAWKAR FOR R1              
      (PB KEPT BELOW)                                   A.MADHUSUDHANA RAO                R2 : NOTICE DISPENSED WITH     
                                                        CHANDRASHEKAR A N                                                

  48. RSA      1253/2004             (DEC     ,        ) MRUTYUNJAYA S HALLIKERI           P.G.MOGALI                     
      (PB KEPT BELOW)                                   R B SADARIVAPPA                   B S HADIMANI                   
                                                        G B NANDISH GOWDA                                                
                                                        JAYARAJ P PATIL FOR A1,A3-A8                                     

  49. RSA      1263/2004             (SP      ,        ) SUNIL S DESAI :                   ASHOK R KALYANASHETTY FOR C/R  
      (PB KEPT BELOW)                                   SHIVAKUMAR V CHITRAGAR            R NAGABHUSHANA FOR C/R         

  50. RFA      1287/2004             (MON     ,        ) A S PATIL                         K RAGHAVENDRA RAO : V.VIDYA    
      (PB KEPT BELOW)                                   (PROPOSED APPLNT NO.1 A)          FOR R1(A-D)                    
                                                                                          A MADHUSUDANA RAO              

  51. RSA      1309/2004             (PAR     ,        ) RAVI S BALIKAI                    SACHIN S MAGADUM FOR R1-R4     
                                                                                          SANTOSH S HATTIKATAGI          
                                                                                          FOR R5 (A,C,D)                 
                                                                                          R5B-SERVICE HELD SUFFICIENT    

NICNET                                        Court Hall :    4                  Page No : 9
Slno       Case NO/Year                                Adv for Pet/Appl/Comp             Adv for Resp
  52. RFA      1390/2004             (DEC     ,        ) V R DATAR FOR A2,A3, A5A-C        R M KULKARNI FOR R1            
                                                        UMESH R MALIMATH                  R2,R4,R5,R6,R8-R11 & R15 ARE   
                                                                                          NOTICE DISPNSED WITH           
                                                                                          V/O DTD:20.9.06.IN RFA 1391/04 
                                                                                          R3-D A MANG SD                 
                                                                                          R7-S Y MANG SD                 
                                                                                          R13 - DISPENSED WITH           
                                                                                          AS PER CAUSE TITLE R13 - DEAD  
                                                                                          G BALAKRISHNA SHASTRY FOR R14  
                                                                                          R16-YALLAWWA SD                
     Connected With
  RFA          1391/2004                                 V R DATAR FOR A2 & A3 A5A-C       G BALAKRISHNA SHASTRY FOR R1  
                                                        UMESH R MALIMATH                  R2,R4-R6,R8-R11 & R15 ARE      
                                                                                          NOTICE DISPSD WITH             
                                                                                          V/O DTD:20-09-2006             
                                                                                          R3-D A MANG SD                 
                                                                                          R7-S Y MANG SD                 
                                                                                          R12-K S MANG SD                
                                                                                          AS PER CAUSE TITLE R13 DEAD    
                                                                                          R M KULKARNI FOR R14           
                                                                                          R16-YELLAWWA SD                

  53. RP       67/2005               (        ,        ) ARAVIND D KULKARNI                R12-SHIVAPPA SD                
      IN RSA 459/2004                                   K N MAHABALESHWARA RAO            (V/O/D/25/10/2006 R1-R6 & R11  
      (RSA 459/2004 DD FILE K/B)                                                          PLACED EXPARTE)                
      (BOTH LCR KEPT BELOW)                                                               R13 BASAVVA SD                 
                                                                                          R14 PARVATAVVA SD              
                                                                                          R7 - VITHAL SD                 
                                                                                          R8 - RATNAVVA SD               
                                                                                          R9 - MAILARAPPA SD             
                                                                                          R10 - ABATED.                  
                                                                                          NARAYAN V YAJI FOR R1-R6&R11   
                                                                                          (VK NOT FILED IN R/O R11)      
                                                                                          R15-R18 ARE MINORS REP.BY      
                                                                                          THEIR NATURAL GUARDIAN MOTHER  

  54. RFA      127/2005              (PAR     ,        ) P G MOGALI                        PRABHULING K NAVADGI           
                                                                                          FOR C/R1                       
                                                                                          R3,R4 ARE LRS OF DECD : R2     
                                                                                          R3 - RUDRAVVA SD               
                                                                                          R4 - MAHADEVAKKA SD            
     Connected With
  RFA          1414/2004                                 MRUTYUNJAY TATA BANGI             PRABHULING K NAVADGI FOR C/R1 
      (PB KEPT BELOW)                                   FOR A1                            RAVI S BALIKAI FOR R1          
                                                        F V PATIL : VINOD.S.PAWAR         R2-MAHADEVAKKA SD              
                                                        FOR A2 & A3                                                      
  RFA          1415/2004                                 MRUTYUNJAY TATA BANGI             PRABHULING K NAVADGI FOR C/R1 
      IA-1/2014 FOR ADDL. EVIDENCE                                                        RAVI S BALIKAI FOR R1          
      (PB KEPT BELOW)                                                                     K V HIREMATH FOR R2            
                                                                                          R3-MAHADEVAKKA SD              
                                                                                          P.G.MOGALI FOR R4              
  RFA          135/2005                                  P G MOGALI                        PRABHULING K NAVADGI FOR C/R1 
                                                                                          R3 & R4 LRS OF DECD R2         
                                                                                          R3 - RUDRAVVA - SD             
                                                                                          R4 -MAHADEVAKKA - SD           

NICNET                                        Court Hall :    4                  Page No : 10
Slno       Case NO/Year                                Adv for Pet/Appl/Comp             Adv for Resp
  55. RFA      381/2005              (PAR     ,        ) M G NAGANURI                      H.M.DHARIGOND                  
      (PB KEPT BELOW)                                   C.R.MENSINKAI : G.S.HIREMATH      AND V P INAMDAR FOR            
                                                        S.G.KULKARNI                      R1A(A)-R1A(C),R1B-R1F          
                                                                                          MAHANTESH.S.HOSMATH FORR3-R5   
                                                                                          (APPLNTS AND R3-R5 LRS OF      
                                                                                          DECD. R2)                      

  56. RFA      537/2005              (RES     ,        ) HANUMANTHAREDDY SAHUKAR           LAXAMAN T MANTAGANI AND        
      (PB KEPT BELOW)                                   FOR PROPOSED APPLNT.1(A-D)        NAGARAJ J APPANNANAVAR         
                                                        D RAVIKUMAR GOKAKAKAR             FOR R1&R2                      
                                                                                          BHARATESH B ALASANDI FOR R1&R2 
                                                                                          V M SHEELVANT FOR R1 & R2      

  57. RSA      1908/2006             (INJ     ,        ) S.T.PATIL : C N HARLAPUR          MAHADEVI:R1A-SD                
      (BOTH LCR KEPT BELOW)                             RAJASHEKAR.H.ANGADI               SIDDAPPA:R1B-SD                
     Connected With
  RSA          1907/2006                                 C N HARLAPUR                      R1-DECEASED BY LRS R2-R4      
                                                                                          SUSHILABAI : R2-SD             
                                                                                          RAMESH G GUDIHAL : R3-SD       
                                                                                          KRISHNAJI G GUDIHAL : R4-SD    
                                                                                          M P KULKARNI FOR R5(E-J)       

  58. RSA      5086/2009             (DEC/INJ ,        ) R K KULKARNI                      GOVT. ADV. FOR R2 & R3         
      (BOTH LCR'S KEPT BELOW)                                                             (V/O/D/07/08/2013)             
                                                                                          PRAKASH S UDIKERI FOR C/R1     
---------------------------- END -----------------------------------------------------------------------
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