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             ON Thursday   THE 18TH DAY OF September 2014 
                        AT 10.30 AM
                   COURT HALL NO : 4
                	LIST NO : 1
NICNET                                        Court Hall :    4                  Page No : 1
Slno       Case NO/Year                                Adv for Pet/Appl/Comp             Adv for Resp


   1. RSA      106/2008              (PAR     ,        ) VENKATESH R BHAGAT                B V SOMAPUR FOR R1-3, R7,      
      NON FILING OF COPIES OF                           R.NARAYANASWAMY                   R8,R10, R11, R14 & R15         
      PAPER  PUBLICATION                                                                  R4- KRISHNA -SD                
      (V/O/DTD;23/01/2014) OF R5,R6,                                                      R9-SMT.SAROJA-SD               
      AND R13                                                                             R12-SMT.LAXMI-SD               

   2. RSA      150/2008              (DEC     ,        ) K RAGHAVENDRA RAO                 M.GURURAJ FOR R1,R4            
      MEMO FOR HOLDING SERVICE                          V VIDYA                           RAVI HEGDE FOR R1,R4           
      OF NOTICE TO R2                                                                     R2-ACK NYR                     
                                                                                          BASHA SAB : R3-SD              

   3. RSA      1155/2008             (MON     ,        ) N P VIVEKMEHTA                    SOLE-RESPNT.-NO SUCH ADDRESS   
      NON TAKING FOR SUBSTITUTE                                                                                          
      SERVICE OF NOTICE TO                                                                                               
      UNSERVED RESPONDENT                                                                                                
      (V/O/D/02/06/2014 LAS CHANCE)                                                                                      

   4. RSA      1421/2008             (INJ     ,        ) T M NADAF : B.M.LOKESH            JADAI MANJUNATH FOR R1(C&D)    
      NON-FURNISHING OF FPF, CA,                                                          R1E- SD                        
      ACK,COVERS, COPIES,                                                                 R1B-INCOMPLETE ADDRESS         
      CORRECT ADDRESS ETC., TO                                                            R2-LEFT                        
      ISSUE NOTICE TO R1(A&B) & R2                                                        R1(A)-ACK RETURENED            
      FOR 2ND TIME                                                                                                       

   5. RP       372/2009              (        ,        ) B M PATIL : S R SHINDE            SANGRAM S KULKARNI FOR R1-R5   
      IN RFA 1341/2004                                                                    R7-DECD                        
      NON TAKING STEPS IN R/O                                                             R6 & R8-POSTAL SHARA NOT       
      DECD R7                                                                             READABLE                       
      FURNISHING OF FPF, CA, ACK,                                                                                        
      COREECT ADDRESS, COPIES                                                                                            
      ETC., TO ISSUE NOTICE TO                                                                                           
      R6 & R8 (FOR 2ND TIME)                                                                                             

   6. RSA      5104/2009             (SP      ,        ) G K MATHAD : R L PATIL            S S YADRAMI FOR R1-R5          
      NON-COMPLIANCE OF O/OBJNS                         SEEMA SHIVA NAIK                                                 
      AT SL.NO.3,7 & 8                                  M C HUKKERI                                                      

   7. RSA      5248/2009             (SP      ,        ) MALLIKARJUN C BASAREDDY           R1-R3-"NOT CLAIMED"            
      NON-COMPLIANCE OF O/OBJNS                                                           R5-ACK NYR                     
      RAISED ON PROCESS MEMO                                                                                             

NICNET                                        Court Hall :    4                  Page No : 2
Slno       Case NO/Year                                Adv for Pet/Appl/Comp             Adv for Resp
   8. RSA      5259/2009             (MON     ,        ) B V SOMAPUR                       SHRIHARSHA A NEELOPANT         
      NON-COMPLIANCE OF O/OBJNS                                                                                          
      AT SL.NO.1-4                                                                                                       

   9. RSA      5410/2009             (DEC     ,        ) F V PATIL                         PATIL M H FOR R1& R4           
      FURNISHING OF FPF,CA,                                                               R2(A)-SERVED                   
      COVER,ACK,COPIES,ETC.,TO                                                            R2(B-D)-ACK NYR                
      ISSUE NOTICE TO R2(B-D) &R3.                                                        R3-NOT KNOWN                   
      (FOR 2ND TIME)                                                                                                     

  10. RSA      5519/2009             (        ,        ) V P KULKARNI                                                     
      NON FURNISHING OF FPF, CA,                                                                                         
      ACK, COVERS, COPIES ETC., TO                                                                                       
      ISSUE NOTICE TO LEGAL                                                                                              
      REPRESENTATIVES OF DECD R1                                                                                         
      (V/O/D/04/07/2014 STEPS NOT                                                                                        
      YET TAKEN)                                                                                                         

  11. RSA      5520/2009             (PAR     ,        ) ARUN L NEELOPANT                  LAXMAN T MANTAGINI             
      NON FILING OF PAPER BOOKS                                                           FOR C/R1-R5 (CP 2639/2009)     

  12. RSA      5388/2010             (        ,        ) H M DHARIGOND                     V N BHAT FOR C/R2 & 3          
      NON-COMPLIANCE OF O/OBJNS                         V P INAMDAR                       ( CP 2512/10 )                 
      FOR 2ND TIME                                                                                                       
      (AFTER RECALLING)                                                                                                  

  13. RSA      6020/2010             (        ,        ) GODE NAGARAJA &                   HANUMANTHAREDDYA SAHUKAR       
      NON TAKING OUT THE PAPER                          SADANAND D GOUDA                  FOR R1                         
      PUBLICATION DRAFT BY ADV.                                                           KORAVARA RENUKAMMA  :R7-SD     
      FOR APPELLANT.                                                                      KORAVARA ANJINI-R8-SD          
                                                                                          KORAVARA DODDA :R9-SD          
                                                                                          SERVICE OF NOTICE TO R2,R3,R5  
                                                                                          HELD SUFFICIENT                
                                                                                          V/O/DTD;23/10/2013 R1-R9 ARE   
                                                                                          LR'S OF DECESED R10            

  14. RSA      6115/2010             (DEC/INJ ,        ) MALLIKARJUN S HIREMATH            R1-R5 ARE SERVED               
      ACCEPTANCE OF MEMO FOR                            & A C CHAKALABBI                                                 
      HAVING PUBLISHED THE NOTICE                                                                                        
      TO R6 BY WAY OF PAPER                                                                                              
      PUBLICATION IN "PRAJAVANI"                                                                                         
      KANNADA DAILY NEWS PAPER                                                                                           

  15. RSA      6011/2011             (        ,        ) V P KULKARNI                      SHIKARAPPA :R1-SD              
      FOR FURTHER ORDERS                                                                  J S SHETTY FOR R3              
      (SERVICE OF NOTICE IS                                                               CHANNAPPA :R4-SD               
      AWAITED)                                                                            R2(A-C) & R2(E&F)-ARE SERVED   
                                                                                          R2(D)-HELD SUFFICIENT          
                                                                                          R2(G)-R2(I)-SERVICE AWAITED    

  16. MSA      687/2013              (        ,        ) J S SHETTY ASSOCIATES                                            
      OFFICE OBJECTION AT SL.NO.1                       C R HIREMATH                                                     
      AND 2 (FOR 2ND TIME)                              V G PRAKASH                                                      

  17. RSA      5523/2013             (DEC/INJ ,        ) SADIQ N GOODWALA                  R1(A-D) & R2 ARE SERVED        
      FURNISHING OF FPF, CA, ACK,                                                         R1(E)-PARTY NOT FOUND          
      COVERS, COPIES ETC., TO                                                                                            
      ISSUE NOTICE TO R1(E)                                                                                              
      FOR 2ND TIME                                                                                                       

NICNET                                        Court Hall :    4                  Page No : 3
Slno       Case NO/Year                                Adv for Pet/Appl/Comp             Adv for Resp
  18. RSA      5707/2013             (        ,        ) SRINAND A PACHHAPURE              Y LAKSHMIKANT REDDY            
      FOR FURTHER ORDERS                                RAJENDRA R PATIL                  P SIDDAREDDY FOR C/R1 & R2     
      (BOTH LCR ARE AWAITED)                                                              CP2754/2013                    
                                                                                          R3, R4 & R5 ARE SERVED         
     Connected With
  RSA          5819/2013                                 M G NAGANURI : M R SHINDE         Y LAKSHMIKANTREDDY FOR C/R    
      NON-COMPLIANCE OF O/OBJNS                         A V NADAGOUDAR                    PUTUP WITH RSA5707/2013        
      (FOR 3RD TIME)                                                                                                     

  19. MSA      100065/2014           (        ,        ) HEMANT R CHANDANGOUDAR            R1-R5 ARE SERVED               
      FURNISHING OF FPF, CA, ACK,                                                         R6-POSTAL SHARA NOT KNOWN      
      COVERS, COPIES ETC., TO                                                                                            
      ISSUE NOTICE TO R6                                                                                                 
      (FOR 2ND TIME)                                                                                                     

  20. RFA      100083/2014           (        ,        ) V P KULKARNI                                                     
      NON-COMPLIANCE OF O/OBJNS                                                                                          
      (FOR 1ST TIME)                                                                                                     

                     HEARING - INTERLOCUTORY APPLN

  21. RSA      1476/2007             (PAR     ,        ) B S KAMATE                        R G HEGDE FOR R1               
      IA-1/2014 FOR EARLY HEARING                                                         R1 IS THE LR OF DECD-R2        
      (PB KEPT BELOW)                                                                     SANTOSH HATTIKATAGI FOR 1      
                                                                                          SACHIN S MAGADUM FOR R3A-R3C   
                                                                                          BASAPPA R4 SD                  
                                                                                          BALAPPA R5 SD                  
                                                                                          ISHWAR R6 SD                   
                                                                                          LAXMIBAI R7 SD                 
                                                                                          KASHAWWA R8 SD                 
                                                                                          DADDAWWA R9 SD                 

  22. RSA      58/2009               (DEC     ,        ) S V SHASTRI &                     NAYAKAR R1-SD                  
      IA-2/2014 FOR CD OF 1366 DAYS                     RAVINDRANATH K                    R2-DECEASED                    
      IN FILING THE LR'S APPLN.                         RAVI S HEGDE                      V/O/D/24/10/2013 LR'S APPLN.   
      IA-4/2014 FOR SETTING ASIDE                                                         OF DECD R2 ARE REJECTED        
      THE ABATEMENT                                                                                                      
      IA-3/2014 FOR BRINGING LR'S                                                                                        
      OF DECD R2 ON RECORD AS                                                                                            
      STEPS TO BE TAKEN IN R/O                                                                                           
      DECEASED APPLNT.-1 IN VIEW                                                                                         
      OF THE ORDER DTD:06/03/2014                                                                                        

  23. RSA      5031/2009             (DEC     ,        ) A C CHAKALABBI                    R1 & R6A-ABATES                
      IA-1/2014 FOR CD OF 1732 DAYS                                                       SPACE LAW ASSOCIATES           
      IN FILING THE LR'S APPLN.                                                           SURESH P HUDEDAGADDI :         
      IA-2/2014 FOR SETTING ASIDE                                                         A C PURAD FOR R2-R4            
      THE ABATEMENT                                                                       ANDANAYYA :R5-SD               
      IA-3/2014 FOR BRINGING LR'S                                                         PARASHURAM :R6B-SD             
      OF DECD APPLNT ON RECORD                                                            YALLAPPA :R6C-SD               
      AS APPLNT.-1(A-C)                                                                   BASAVARAJ :R6D-SD              
                                                                                          LAXMI :R6E-SD                  
                                                                                          SARASWATI :R6F-SD              
                                                                                          PARAWWA :R6G-SD                
     Connected With

NICNET                                        Court Hall :    4                  Page No : 4
Slno       Case NO/Year                                Adv for Pet/Appl/Comp             Adv for Resp
  RSA          5032/2009                                 A C CHAKALABBI                    PARASHURAM :R1B-SD            
      IA-1/2014 FOR CD OF 1732 DAYS                                                       YALLAPPA:R1C-SD                
      IN FILING THE LR'S APPLN.                                                           BASAVARAJ :R1D-SD              
      IA-2/2014 FOR SETTING ASIDE                                                         LAXMI:R1E-SD                   
      THE ABATEMENT                                                                       SARASWATI :R1F-SD              
      IA-3/2014 FOR BRINGING LR'S                                                         PARAWWA :R1G-SD                
      OF DECD APPLNT ON RECORD                                                            R1A-APPEAL DISMISSED           
      AS APPLNT.1(A-C)                                                                                                   

  24. RSA      6150/2011             (DEC/INJ ,        ) ANANT P SAVADI                                                   
      IA-1/2014 FOR CD OF 474 DAYS                                                                                       
      IN FILING THE RECALL APPLN.                                                                                        
      IA-2/2014 FOR RECALLING THE                                                                                        
      ORDER DTD:02/12/2013                                                                                               
      (THE ABOVE RSA WAS DNP                                                                                             
      BEFORE HON'BLE BSGJ)                                                                                               

  25. RSA      5741/2013             (        ,        ) N P VIVEKMEHTA                                                   
      IA-1/2013 FOR CD OF 1376 DAYS                                                                                      
      IN FILING                                                                                                          

  26. RSA      100470/2014           (        ,        ) SHIVARAJ P MUDHOL                                                
      IA-1/2014 FOR CD OF 10 DAYS                       SUBASH B SANKAD                                                  
      IN FILING                                                                                                          


  27. RSA      5719/2009             (DEC     ,        ) GODE NAGARAJA : L.R.ALAGAWAD      P G MOGALI FOR R1              
      MISC.CVL.109789/2009 FOR STAY                                                       R2-SERVED                      
     Connected With
  RSA          5809/2010                                 P G MOGALI                        GODE NAGARAJ FOR R1 & R2      

  28. RSA      5052/2010             (DEC/INJ ,        ) G I GACHCHINAMATH &               R1-R3 ARE SERVED               
      MISC.CVL.100456/10 FOR                            VEERESH H.M.                                                     
      STATUS QUO                                                                                                         
      (BOTH LCR KEPT BELOW)                                                                                              

  29. RSA      5450/2010             (        ,        ) SHRIKANT T PATIL                  J S SHETTY FOR R1 & R2         
      A/W NON COMPLIANCE OF THE                         SHAMS AHMED PATHAN AND            R3-DISPENSED WITH              
      OFFICE OBJECTIONS RAISED                          VENKATESH M KHARVI                                               
      ON MISC CVL 110150/2010                           G M SOMAKKALANAVAR                                               
      REG: COPY TO BE SD ON                                                                                              
      THE OTHERSIDE.                                                                                                     
      (BOTH LCRS AND RECORDS                                                                                             
      BHATKAL, TAHASILDAR OFFICE                                                                                         
      KEPT BELOW)                                                                                                        

  30. RSA      5773/2010             (        ,        ) K RAGHAVENDRA RAO                 V P KULKARNI FOR R1-R6         
      (BOTH LCR KEPT BELOW)                             V VIDYA IYER                                                     

  31. RSA      5875/2010             (PAR     ,        ) S S YADRAMI : KIRAN ANGADI        PATIL M H : G S HULAMANI       
                                                                                          FOR C/R (CP 2653/2010)         
                                                                                          M H PATIL FOR R1               
                                                                                          R2-APPEAL DISMISSED            

  32. RSA      5222/2011             (DEC     ,        ) K RAGHAVENDRA RAO                 S S YADRAMI FOR R1             
      MISC CVL 103252/2011 FOR STAY                     V VIDYA                           HARSH DESAI FOR R1             
      (BOTH LCR KEPT BELOW)                                                               R2-SERVED                      

NICNET                                        Court Hall :    4                  Page No : 5
Slno       Case NO/Year                                Adv for Pet/Appl/Comp             Adv for Resp
  33. RSA      6045/2011             (PAR     ,        ) M G NAGANURI : S V DESHPANDE      CHANDRASHEKAR P PATIL &        
      (BOTH LCR KEPT BELOW)                                                               HEMANTH HAVARAGI FOR C/R1-R3   
                                                                                          (CP 2896/2011)                 

  34. RSA      6078/2011             (DEC/INJ ,        ) B S KAMATE                        M C HUKKERI FOR R2             
      (BOTH LCR KEPT BELOW)                                                               S C BHUTI FOR R1(A-E)          

  35. RSA      6137/2011             (SP      ,        ) SHIVAKUMAR S BADAWADAGI           PRAKASH S UDIKERI FOR R1&R2    
      (BOTH LCR KEPT BELOW)                                                                                              

  36. RSA      5794/2012             (PAR     ,        ) S M KALWAD : S.M.NADAF            H N GULARADDI FOR R1           
      IA-2/2012 FOR PRODUCTION                                                            K S PATIL FOR R1,R2            
      OF ADDL. DOCUMENTS                                                                                                 

  37. RSA      6065/2012             (PAR     ,        ) MRUTYUNJAY TATA BANGI             A G MULWADMATH FOR C/R1        
      IA-1/2014 FOR T.I.                                                                  CP 2859 & 2860/2012            
      (LCR IN OS KEPT BELOW)                                                              A G MULWADMATH FOR R2,R6,R8&R9 
                                                                                          M H PATIL : A G MULWADMATH     
                                                                                          FOR R7                         
                                                                                          R3,R4 & R5 ARE SERVED          

                     FINAL HEARING

  38. RSA      738/2005              (DEC/INJ ,        ) VILAS R DATAR                     SHRIKANT T PATIL               
      (PB KEPT BELOW)                                                                                                    

  39. RSA      1268/2005             (        ,        ) S B HEBBALLI & S N JUHI           M G NAGANURI: S V DESHPANDE    
      (PB KEPT BELOW)                                                                     V R DATAR FOR C/R              
     Connected With
  RSA.CROB     5/2006                                    V R DATAR                         
      IN RSA 1268/05                                                                                                     

  40. RFA      1433/2005             (SP      ,        ) GODE NAGARAJA SIRIGERI            H.B.PADMANABHA : R1-SD         
      (PB KEPT BELOW)                                   B.V.BYRA REDDY                    B SHARANABASAWA FOR R2         
                                                                                          SUMANGALA GURIKAR : R3-SD      
     Connected With
  RSA          5441/2011                                 GODE NAGARAJA                     Y LAKSHMIKANT REDDY           
      IA-I/2012 FOR VACATING STAY                       SADANANDA D GOUDA                 FOR C/R (CP.NO.2704/11)        
      A/W STATEMENT OF OBJECTION                                                                                         
      2) IA-II/2011 FOR WITHDRAWAL                                                                                       
      OF AMOUNT                                                                                                          
      (RA 16/2008 & OS 34/1997                                                                                           
      ARE KEPT BELOW)                                                                                                    

  41. RSA      2187/2006             (INJ     ,        ) JAGADISH PATIL                    SHRIHARSH A NEELOPANT          
      (PB KEPT BELOW)                                   G B NANDISH GOWDA                                                

  42. RSA      2102/2007             (INJ     ,        ) P N HATTI : SIDDAPPA SAJJAN       C H HARLAPUR                   
      IA-1/2014 FOR VACATING STAY                                                                                        
      (PB KEPT BELOW)                                                                                                    

NICNET                                        Court Hall :    4                  Page No : 6
Slno       Case NO/Year                                Adv for Pet/Appl/Comp             Adv for Resp
  43. RSA      5328/2009             (PAR     ,        ) V SHIVARAJA HIREMATH              SUNITHA P KALASOOR             
     Connected With
  RSA          5272/2009                                 SUNITHA P KALASOOR                V SHIVARAJ HIREMATH           
                                                                                          FOR R1,R3,R4 & R6              

  44. RSA      5448/2009             (DEC/INJ ,        ) MAHESH WODEYAR                    B M PATIL & R.M.DANADAR        
      IA-1/2013 FOR IMPLDG THE                                                            FOR C/R1 BY HIS LRS            
      APPLICANT ON RECORD AS R9                                                           M K MAKKUBHAI FOR R1-R4        
      FOR FURTHER ODERS                                                                   HARSHA DESAI FOR R5-R7         
      IA-1/2012 FOR EARLY HEARING                                                         C R MENSINKAI FOR R8           
      FOR ORDERS                                                                          M G NAGANURI FOR PROPOSED R9   
      MISC.CVL.105686/2009 FOR STAY                                                                                      
      FOR ORDERS                                                                                                         
      IA-2/2013 FOR T.I. FOR ORDERS                                                                                      
      (PB KEPT BELOW)                                                                                                    
     Connected With
  RSA          5563/2010                                 HARSH DESAI                       B M PATIL FOR R1-R4           
                                                                                          MAHESH WODEYAR FOR R5          
                                                                                          C.R.MENSINKAI FOR R6           

  45. RSA      5491/2010             (        ,        ) V M BANAKAR : B S BYAKOD          S B HEBBALLI FOR R1            
      (PB KEPT BELOW)                                                                     R2 & R3 ARE SD                 
---------------------------- END -----------------------------------------------------------------------
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